Please find below an index of forms for the Utah State Bar admissions process. Please review the list and download the forms appropriate to your type of application. These documents are Microsoft Word documents or templates and are directly editable after being downloaded. Technical information can be found at the bottom of this page. If you have any questions about the forms or their use please contact us at: admissions@utahbar.org.

  1. Application Checklists
    1. Examination Applicant (.DOC)
    2. Motion Applicant (.DOC)
    3. UBE Transfer Applicant (.DOC)
    4. House Counsel Applicant (.DOC)

  2. Filing Instructions and Information (.DOC)

  3. Application for Admission (.DOC)

  4. Required Supplemental Forms
    1. Section One (.DOC) (For all applicants)
    2. Section Two (.DOC) (For applicants taking the Bar Examination in Utah.)
    3. Section Three (.DOC) (For applicants seeking test accommodations.)
    4. Section Four (.DOC) (For motion applicants and attorney applicants seeking to transfer a UBE score more than three examinations old.)

  5. General Guidelines for Test Accommodations (.DOC)

  6. Reapplication for Admission Form (.DOC)
    (For Applicants reapplying to take the examination within two years of filing a full application.)

  7. Forms for Updating the Application
    1. Change of Address Form (Zip file of Word Template)
    2. Application Amendment Form (Zip file of Word Template)

**Motion Applicants**
Please read the
Admissions Active Practice Disclaimer (.PDF)
before completing and filing an Application.


The following links apply to persons who wish to file an application to take the Utah State Bar Examination using application forms obtained from the Utah State Bar’s web site. These forms are designed for individuals who are computer proficient. The Utah State Bar is unable to provide technical support for converting these documents to your word processing software.

Technical requirements for using these forms:

  • The forms are Microsoft Word templates and can be only be accessed using Microsoft Word 97 or later.
  • Upon accessing of each form, you will be asked to open the form as “Read Only” or to provide a password. Click on the “Read Only” button. Read Only access will allow you to complete the open fields in the form template and then save your document (including your input) with a name you specify for printing and later retrieval.
  • These forms make extensive use of macros to assist in form navigation and reduce the amount of duplicate input required. As a result, Word macros should be enabled to complete these forms and disabled (if desired) when complete. (To enable Macros please consult with the instructions in your version of Word.)