I am excited to run for the position of Second Division Bar Commissioner. I enjoy the collegiality I have found among attorneys and appreciate how challenging it is to practice law.  We sacrifice so much to help our clients and work hard to provide meaningful and valuable service.  While serving previously as the Weber County Bar President, the best part of the position was getting to know the attorneys living and/or practicing in Weber County and trying to help lessen some of the challenges faced in our practices. It is a difficult yet rewarding profession we have chosen.

My current practice is in the areas of real estate, creditor’s rights and landlord tenant law with the law firm of Smith Knowles in Ogden.  I began my career as a solo practitioner on 24th street in the late Attorney Paul Stockdale’s old historic building with Mr. Stockdale and Ramona Mann.  I loved the flexibility and independence of solo practice as well as the relationships I built with other attorneys who either had been or still were in my position.  It is a credit to our profession how willing attorneys and judges are to help one another in sharing the wisdom of lessons learned from a wealth of experience.  Practice as a firm also has powerful benefits of synergy, shared burdens and combined expertise that adds value to the practice of law. Your colleagues and staff are some of your most valuable assets.  Whether in practice as a firm or on your own, each type of practice has its own challenges and benefits.  My hope is that my experience in both types of practice will assist me to better understand the broad range of issues facing the attorneys practicing in the second division.

While serving as a bar commissioner, my goals include 1) improving communication and coordination between the Davis and Weber County Bar Associations and the Utah State Bar to keep you informed of technology, issues and opportunities available to promote more efficiency and profitability in your law practice and help you feel more connected to your Utah State Bar Association; 2) improvements to the e-filing process through support, information, communication, feedback and better access; 3) support quality CLE programming with broad interest and application related to cutting edge issues faced in our various practice areas; 4) better enforcement or development of alternative solutions for enforcing the law prohibiting the unauthorized practice of law and 5) most importantly, listening to you to understand and promote what you feel the Utah State Bar can do better to help you be more successful.

I look forward to working with you and appreciate your support.

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