Janise Macanas

Janise Macanas is an Assistant Attorney General with the Utah Attorney General’s Office where she has practiced for the past fifteen years as felony prosecutor for complex financial fraud cases.  Ms. Macanas received her J. D. from J. Reuben Clark Law School.  Ms. Macanas has a master’s degree and doctoral studies in Clinical and Counseling Psychology and has previously worked as a counselor, professor, social worker, and therapist.

Throughout her legal career, Ms. Macanas has been active in many community, educational, and legal organizations and has a proven record of leadership, most recently as President of the Utah Minority Bar Association.  Ms. Macanas is a past member of the Utah Bar Ethics Advisory Opinion Committee and currently serves as an Ex-Officio Member of the Utah State Bar Commission.

Dear Colleagues:

This note will introduce me as a candidate for a Bar Commission seat representing the Third District. I believe I have the experience and desire to professionally represent the members of our District. I am committed to representing the interests of our membership in reaching their highest professional potential. I will work to make the Bar services relevant, available and accessible to all.

I have over fifteen years experience as a public sector employee and prosecutor with the Utah Attorney General’s Office. Just like you, I spend most days “getting the work done”, where time and efficiency are a priority and necessity. Doing this I realize that the economic environment we practice in now has changed dramatically in the last decade and will continue so. The Commission must make it a priority to keep pace with innovation and make it available and affordable to our membership. This includes making benefits, which are sky rocketing in costs, available and accessible to all Utah State Bar members.

I am adamant that our Bar dues are not raised. I think it important that priorities revolve around service, affordability, and membership support. As I have learned, sometimes over regulation of how we practice, is often, in my opinion, misplaced oversight.

As your elected Commissioner I assure you that I will be involved, attend all meetings, and make sure you are informed of information and matters that impact your legal practice. Please feel free to contact me with suggestions any time at jmacanas@gmail.com.  I sincerely ask for your vote.

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