Thank you for allowing me to serve as your commissioner for the past three years.  It has been quite a lesson.  Although we share the same profession and all must comply with the same ethics rules, we are actually very diverse.  We have many different work settings and quite varied expectations for the bar association.  That makes it both interesting and challenging to participate in running the bar association.  It has been a privilege to represent the lawyers of the Third District and I would like to keep doing so.  I therefore ask for your vote to renew my commission for a second term.

A top priority for me is to strengthen and expand the role of lawyers both in the lives of ordinary Utah citizens and in the businesses of our state.  We already have been crowded out of many roles lawyers used to fill.  Now, even as to cases in court, there are more and more people who try to handle their case without a lawyer and there are many non-lawyer businesses who will gather and evaluate evidence or develop presentations for a judge or jury.  Isn’t that what lawyers do?  Whether this is due to our pricing practices, due to the continuing public excoriation of lawyers, or simply due to market pressures and changing technologies, the trend is clear:  Lawyers are used less and less.  We can and should change that. We can find more imaginative ways to develop and resolve a dispute.  We can broaden the scope of what a business might engage its lawyer to do.   We can unbundle and reprice our services so that people can make more informed choices about what we can do for them.

Since 1984, I have practiced at Snow, Christensen & Martineau doing civil litigation and trial work.  I was the firm’s president for six years.  Currently, in addition to serving on the bar commission and the Utah Judicial Council, I chair the Supreme Court’s Advisory Committee on Evidence and also work on the Supreme Court’s Advisory Committee on Civil Jury Instructions.  I am devoted to the improvement of our profession.  If you re-elect me as a bar commissioner for the Third District I will continue to do my best to help provide Utah lawyers with the services they actually want and truly need from their bar organization.  Thanks for reading. Please vote.

John Lund
801-322-9167 direct dial
801-560-1137 cell

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