2014 January / February

Group Benefits
President’s Message | Finally, a Bar Group Benefit Package for the Whole Family

Article | Innocence Lost: Fraudulent Transfer Actions Against Innocent Investors of a Ponzi Scheme by Jared N. Parrish

Focus on Ethics & Civility | Liening on Clients by Keith A. Call

Views from the Bench | Reflections of a New Judge by Carolyn E. Howard

Article | Professionalism Re-examined or The Unexamined Life Might Actually be Better by Learned Ham

Article | What the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 and Portability Mean to Utah Estate Planners by John S. Treu

Utah Law Developments | Appellate Highlights by Rodney R. Parker and Julianne P. Blanch

Utah Appellate Law Update | Petitioning the Utah Supreme Court for a Writ of Certiorari by Beth E. Kennedy

Book Review | Reading Law: The Interpretation of Legal Texts Reviewed by Ryan Tenney

Article | Securities Finders – More Confusing Than Ever Before by Brad R. Jacobsen and Fred Peña

Young Lawyers Division | 10 Thoughts for New Lawyers from Two Graduating Young Lawyers by Scott Powers and Patrick Burt

State Bar News


2014 March / April

Election Candidates
President-Elect & Bar Commission Candidates

Article | Tort Reform in Utah: Disclosure and Apology by Greg Bell

Utah Law Developments

Appellate Highlights by Rodney R. Parker and Julianne P. Blanch

Focus on Ethics & Civility | Liening on Clients Part II – The Client’s File by Keith A. Call

Article | The Utah Fraudulent Transfer Act: Choosing Whom to Sue by Kristen C. Kiburtz

Utah Appellate Law Update | The Top Ten Things to Remember When Arguing in Front of an Appellate Courtby Michelle Mumford

Article | Regarding the Standards of Professionalism and Civility and the Use ofDisparaging Language as a Tactical Decision During a Criminal Trial by Ted Weckel

Book Review | Sweatshops in Paradise: A True Story of Slavery in Modern America Reviewed by Jeannine P. Timothy

Article | “Citizens” or “Taxpayers”?: On “Fighting Words” and Justice Lee by Richard Kaplan

State Bar News

Young Lawyers Division | An Expert for All Seasons: Expert Testimony Usually Required, and Unusually Specific by Tanner LenartParalegal Division


2014 May / June

Being a Leader in the Law
President’s Message | Being a Leader in the Law:Reflections on Meeting the Responsibilities of the Legal Profession by Curtis M Jensen & Gregory H. Gunn

Article | Implementing Noncompete Agreements in Utah:Protecting Business Trade Secrets, Goodwill, and Investment in Employees by William R. Knowlton

Article | To Snoop or Not to Snoop?Legal Considerations Under Utah’s Internet Employment Privacy Act by Christopher B. Snow

Views from the Bench | A Few Tips for Using eFiling by Judge Kate A. Toomey

Utah Appellate Law Update | Appeals From Interlocutory Orders in the Utah Appellate Courtsby Julie J. Nelson

Utah Law Developments | Appellate Highlightsby Rodney R. Parker & Julianne P. Blanch

Article | WINGS: Improving Service Delivery to Protected Persons and Their Guardiansby Timothy M. Shea

Article | WINGS: The Challenges of Submitting Competent Medical Evidenceof Incapacity in Guardianship Proceedings by Robert Denton

Article | WINGS: Person-Centered Planning and Supported Decision-Making by Mary Jane Ciccarello & Maureen Henry

Focus on Ethics & Civility | Do the Standards of Professionalism and Civility Have Teeth?by Keith A. Call

State Bar News

Young Lawyers Division | Remembering Judge Anthony B. Quinn:Three Lessons for Young Lawyers by Ashley M. Gregson


2014 July / August

A Final Report
President’s Message | A Final Report and a Farewellby Curtis M Jensen

Article | Utah’s First Female Judge for the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit: Judge Carolyn B. McHugh by Andrea Valenti Arthur and Nicole Griffin Farrell

Article | eDiscovery: It’s Time to Drop the ‘e’ by Stephanie Wilkins Pugsley

Utah Law Developments | Appellate Highlights by Rodney R. Parker & Julianne P. Blanch

Article | Send in the B Team: Insurance Coverage for Personal and Advertising Injury by Mark W. Dykes

Focus on Ethics & Civility | Trial Ethics: ABA Issues New Decision on #juryresearch by Keith A. Call

Utah Appellate Law Update | Differences in Appellate Practice in Utah’s Appellate Courts and the Tenth Circuit: Finality, Appeals of Right, and Discretionary Appeals by Clemens A. Landau

Article | What Every Lawyer Should Know About Bitcoins by Brad Jacobsen and Fred Peña

Article | Big Client Savings: Tax-Efficient Settlements by Meagan Carpio and Jason Rogers

Article | Pro Bono Signature Project: Debt Collection Volunteer Attorney Program by T. Richard Davis and Charles A. StormontState Bar News

Young Lawyers Division | Building Meaningful Relationships by Katherine E. Judd

Paralegal Division | Message from the Chair by Danielle Davis


2014 September / October

Magna Carta and Beyond
Letter to the Editor

President’s Message | From Magna Carta and Beyond by James D. Gilson

Article | Can Your Practice Survive a Disaster? by Scott Blackmer

Views from the Bench | Tribute to a Friend by Judge Bruce S. Jenkins

Article | One Angry Man by Just Learned Ham

Article | Matters of the Heart and Household Surveillance:Use of Private Investigators in a Domestic Case by Kristina B. Otterstrom

Utah Appellate Law Update | Staying Enforcement of a Judgment During Post-Trial and Appellate Proceedings by Julie J. Nelson & Clemens A. Landau

Utah Law Developments | Appellate Highlights by Rodney R. Parker & Julianne P. Blanch

Focus on Ethics & Civility | Referral Fees by Keith A. Call

Article | Of Students, Clients, and Volunteer Attorneys by Jill O. Jasperson

Book Review | The Divide, American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap Reviewed by Andrea Garland

State Bar News

Young Lawyers Division | Wills for Heroes: “A Rewarding Program” by R. Blake Hamilton

Paralegal Division | Message from the Chair by Heather Allen

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