Master Directory of Utah Attorneys and Paralegal Division Members:

One of the duties of the Utah State Bar is to provide the public address of all licensed members of the Utah State Bar. To do this the Utah State Bar provides this gateway to the Utah State Bar Membership Tracking System. The new directory will allow you to search our membership to obtain the current status of a given Utah attorney and to obtain a business address.

PLEASE NOTE: The Utah State Bar makes no claims or warranties regarding the referral attorney’s particular abilities to handle your legal matter. Before employing the attorney, a potential client should interview the attorney and make whatever investigation is appropriate into the attorney’s qualifications. Please review the Terms of Service for this program.

Enhanced Listings

It’s Easy! Enter the type of legal work you need and a zip code. We’ll do the rest!

A directory for Active Status Utah attorneys designed to allow more detail about an individual attorney’s practice with additional information such as social media, primary focus of practice, and description of firm. This is currently a free service as we gauge interest in this new listing type. Sign Up Today!

TO MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC: The Master Directory service is not to be used as a Lawyer Referral Service and so no indication of legal specialization is provided with the official membership record.

TO MEMBERS OF THE BAR: If your record needs to be updated please use your online address change account at If you need your login information please send an email to with your name and bar number and it will be sent to your email address of record.