The Utah State Bar offers members the advantage to complete annual licensing online at The online system accepts payment by Visa or MasterCard or you may select to mail in a check.

This page is set up to answer the most frequent issues that users may experience. If you still experience issues with the online licensing form please contact support via email sent to All request for support will be returned within one business day. To protect the security of your information, if you need to speak with an online support representative, indicate that on the email and you will be contacted using a phone number of record.

Accessing Utah State Bar Portal:

Members who have been issued login information but have forgotten their login and password can go to the portal and click the “Forgot Password?” link. Members will be required to enter their Member ID and email associated with their account for verification. Once that email address is verified a new password will be generated and sent to that email address.

If you have your login and password and receive an error message informing you your username and password is incorrect, please double check your login information. Logins and passwords are case sensitive. If you are still experiencing difficulties accessing the system after double checking your login info, please submit a request for your password.

Error When Running Licensing Application:

Occasionally a browser may have issues running the license renewal program. This is typically remedied by ensuring that you are using the most current version of your preferred web browser or clearing the cache on the browser. Another alternative, that does not delete your cache, history, or stored passwords, is to use a ‘clean’ browser window. Each of the current version browsers provides a method for doing this.

Chrome – Incognito Browsing Window

  • Windows – Control+Shift+N
  • Mac – Command+Shift+N

Firefox – Private Browsing Window

  •  Windows – Control+Shift+N
  • Mac – Command+Shift+N

Internet Explorer (Version 9 and above) – InPrivate Browsing Window

  • Windows – Control+Shift+P
  • Mac – IE is not available on a Mac

Microsoft Edge Browser – InPrivate Browsing Window

  • Windows – Control+Shift+P
  • Mac – Edge is not available on a Mac

Safari Web Browser (Mac) – Private Window

  • Windows – Not Available
  • Mac –Shift+ Command+N
Cannot Update Member Address Information:

Attorneys can update their member address information on the online licensing form. To make changes to a business, residence or P.O. Box address the “Edit” checkbox must be selected for each categorized address to allow the record to accept changes.

Licensing Form Will Not Submit:

There are some items that are required to be checked for the online licensing form to submit. Without them, the licensing form is deemed incomplete and will not process.

  • “I have read the above and certify that the information above is current and correct” must be checked. (pg. 3)
  • “I hereby certify that the above information is complete and accurate” must be checked. (pg. 3)
Common Credit Card Processing Errors

On occasion when a form is submitted, there may be a red bar across the top of the form stating that there is an error and providing an error number. This is an indication of a card provider error. Credit card information is verified through the merchant account. If you have entered your information and it is correct, please contact your credit card company. Reasons why credit cards will not process:

  • Credit card is over the limit
  • Security code entered does not match what the credit card company has on record.
  • Expiration date is not entered correctly.
  • Credit card number is not entered correctly.
  • Using a Discover card or American Express. The Utah State Bar does not accept Discover or American Express credit cards. Payment may only be made with a Visa or MasterCard.
Licensing Form has Timed Out:

For security purposes the online licensing form will close after 30 minutes if it is not completed. If your form times out, simply log back into the Utah Bar Portal.